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Experience a new way of hand and nail care with a selection of over 40 long-lasting CND colours and a rejuvenating massage in the end. A Mani-Pedi has never left you feeling so serene.

Group 2

Vinylux, similar to the traditional nailpolish, is quick to apply and dry and lasts for approximately 5 days*. We offerover 40 of their best colours to ensure that there is one just right for you.

Group 2

Gelpolish is a mix of gel polish and traditional polish, adding to its longevity and shine and lasting for approximately 14 days*. We offerover 40 of their best colours to ensure that there is one just right for you.


At COCON, we feel that it is our responsibility to select only the best products for our customers, products that do not compromise on quality and reliability. We have chosen to work with CND (Creative Nail Design) becauseit distinguishes itself from all the other nail care brands by emphasising the importance of nail health. They have taken the time to reinvent long-lasting nail polish that not only looks good, but is also sustainable for your nails. Every single bottle of CND nail varnish consists of its own unique formula and is free from harmful chemicals. Needless to say, our collaboration with CND was inevitable.

Experience nail treatment in a completely different way

Wear time for Vinylux is 5 days*. Wear time for Shellac is 14 days*.

Group 3
no damage

We provide proper care to your nails by moisturising them during every treatment.

Group 2

We select only the best products to guarantee quality and comfort.


We include a hand or foot massage to go with your nail treatment to ensure a relaxing experience.



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  • Prepare a comfortable space for you and your therapist to sit in, preferably at a table or a desk.
  • Ensure an available outlet for the LED lamp if you booked a Shellac polish.
  • At home, ensure a comfortable temperature that allows you to fully relax.
  • Consider the lighting – the brighter the better!
  • At the end of your session, your Nail Technician will check if you’re happy with the results of your treatment. To ensure the health of the skin surrounding your nails, your Nail Technician will apply some oil to soften cuticles and help promote strong and flexible natural nails or nail enhancements.

    Practitioner and customer safety are our top priorities. COCON’s services are strictly professional. Please treat your practitioner with kindness and respect.


    Cocon is an Amsterdam based startup, specializing in high-quality spa treatments at the convenience of your home, office or hotel.