Utilize Breaks for Self-Care


We’re sitting at home all day and not moving much more than the span of our apartments and homes. Set one break a day dedicated to stretching for ten to fifteen minutes.

Do some static stretching for 30-second increments in each pose. Sprawl out on your floor and get the blood flowing.


Use a guided meditation app like Calm or Headspace to manage specific moods and emotions. According to Roed, taking regular breaks to stretch and meditate can alleviate anxiety and boost one’s focus during the day.

“Create an inviting place in your home to stretch, breathe, and meditate, which can give you the shots of dopamine that will make you feel good,” said Roed. “There are plenty of deep breathing and meditation apps available to help you.

Essentially, this is about creating rituals and daily habits which uplift you and keep you energized throughout the day.”


If your work has you at a desk staring at a screen, do a 180 and put screens away for a dedicated amount of time and leave your apartment.

Maybe you can venture out to a balcony, yard, or rooftop in an apartment complex. If you have a little extra time, take a neighborhood walk to get some fresh air and recharge.


Treat yourself with an in-home, safe and healthy manicure, pedicure, or massage with our expert services. Why not go for all three for the full recharge? After a long week, you deserve to be pampered and unwind.

My personal favorite way to take a break is to have someone else pamper me, like with Cocon’s in-home massage service.

Your self-care goes next level and so does your relaxation. No matter how you take your break, you will thank yourself for doing so!

Utilize Breaks for Self-Care