How To Find The Perfect Health Wellness Space?

We’ve covered how to make your work from home space more organized and productive, as well as ways to stay on track for your work from home life.

Now we’re going to delve into the importance of keeping a dedicated space in your home for health and wellness.

This can be a whole room set aside for fitness, or maybe just a corner you carve out in your apartment for health practices.

Wherever you live, pick a spot in your home for this purpose. I love to have my corner be in the bedroom, since I live in an apartment I find my room to be the most naturally relaxing.

I chose a spot right by my window so I can look up at the palm trees and blue skyline to center myself when I’m here.


Be sure it’s a place where you feel at peace, a place that is comfortable. This article advises looking for an area of your home that is “located away from the busy parts of the house,” away from places like the kitchen or living room.

Keep the area away from loudness, like TV’s and games. If possible, choose a back bedroom or a loft. If you are working with less space, set aside a corner of your bedroom for starters. Be sure your area has a peaceful ambiance with “natural light from a window or lighted candles”.

If you have a window that receives sunrise or sunset light, try to place it here and dedicate some time during those moments for your wellness practices.


Keep furniture, decor, and workout equipment minimal in this area. Whatever you’re using it for, put only the essentials in the space and keep the rest well organized in an aesthetically pleasing manner nearby.

Keeping your space clutter-free will bring more peace to the moments you enjoy here. For meditation, have a cushion on the floor.

Maybe one plant and a decorative pot near a window and some minimalist pictures. Having a plant in your wellness corner will “provide natural beauty to the space as well as help to detoxify the air”.

The size of your space is “far less important than your intention for it,” says Organic Authority. No matter where you decide to carve out a little corner for yourself, do so with intention and clarity.

When you walk into the space you should feel “a wave of calm wash over you”, says Organic Authority.


Having a dedicated space for yoga, massage, and other in-home spa treatments will allow you to feel worlds away without leaving the comfort of your home.

If you need help setting up the occasional pop-up space, call COCON today to book an in-home spa treatment. Why not soak your feet, get a massage, and freshen up your nails?

I feel like a new person when I have a fresh mani/pedi, and with Cocon, you will too.

Have a Dedicated Wellness Space