5 Ways to Optimize Your Work from Home Space

5 Ways to Optimize Your Work from Home Space

Working from home full-time is the new norm, and there’s a bit of a learning curve that comes with it. We’ve taken the liberty of researching a few ways to compartmentalize and optimize your workspace for maximum relaxation and productivity. In these times it’s important to care for ourselves in as many ways as possible. Setting up our homes and workspaces to be tranquil and comfortable environments may require a few adjustments. Here are five ways to get started.


If possible, alter your desk to face a window. This will have you feeling “less cooped up” while also benefiting your skin with “much-needed Vitamin D,” according to Furnished Quarters. Looking outside is also better for our mental health, providing us with “better problem solving and mental clarity,” according to Central Glass Utah.


Keep your workspace free of clutter to improve both mental health and productivity. A workspace that is minimal “allows you to concentrate on the task at hand,” because when you have a clean workspace, “you can see your work and have more space to be creative,” says Time Management Ninja. A few ways to accomplish this would be to invest in a desk with drawers to hold and organize your materials while keeping them out of sight. A few other items to keep your workspace clutter-free: pencil cup, desk organizer, shelves.


While you will benefit from natural light by working towards a window, at certain points in the day you will need some artificial light to keep the workflow going. Furnished Quarters recommends setting up a lamp on your desk to prevent the use of room lights and “save yourself the headache – literally”. Another tip: purchase a pair of blue light glasses to keep your eyes from overuse and strain associated with prolonged staring at screens. This will help your brain calm down as you near bedtime as well.


Adding some easy-to-care-for greenery is the perfect way to add a little life to your work from home space. Opt for low-light plants or succulents. Looking at a little greenery and having some fresh air will not only spruce up your desk, but it will also benefit your mental health.


When optimizing your workspace at home it is important to realize that having a separate space in your place that is solely dedicated to work will mentally and visually prepare you to work. Having other spaces dedicated to rest, exercise, or other hobbies will also help to know that you can literally walk away from work and destress. You can find more about this in our article Have a Dedicated Wellness Space.

When you’re ready for a break, book yourself an in-home spa treatment with COCON. I find my stress melts away when I get a massage. I feel relaxed and ready to sit back at my desk, staring out at the beautiful sky, and begin anew.

Ways to Optimize Your Work from Home Space